Juliëtte’s Paintings Page

Fantasy Series

This is the crown piece of the series. Together with the Fantasy Forest my favourite of the series. As I saw the beauty of a Fly Trap up close and painted it, I realised that this might very well be the biggest threat in the picture. Leaving the threat in the picture, I also created all sorts of ’hide-aways’.. Should you be a very tiny person… an Elf?

The Fly Trap is without a doubt the eye-catcher.

The Fly Trap


Chaos in the Forest


Like the hot-air balloons, this is the result of a feeling I had.

The feeling was ‘Chaos’ hence the Chaos was transferred onto the canvas.

Hot-air Balloons


A feeling of Complete Freedom got a hold of me and, looking at a bare canvas I got seduced to painting a lot of open space, the sky, very open, very free. In the Open Fields flowers, existing or not, that intensify the feeling of Freedom. My thought with this piece: “What would it look like for a (very) small person, looking up?”

Dragon Fly


Apart from the fact that the piece is woven with things from the Fantasy World, I’ve also added some (more )realistic things, that I kept as realistic as possible.. The Dragon Fly received a great deal of my time, to my belief he deserved a special treatment and space in this picture ...

Fantasy Forest


After not having touched my paint brushes for about 18 years, and a period of mandatory ‘Do-nothingness’ I finally managed to pick up the brushes again. It was exploring the phenomena ‘painting’ all over again. I translated all my frustrations, inabilities as well as all the love for what lives around me into this painting. It’s turned out to be a true fairytale, with Elf houses, flowers that don’t exist in the Human’s World. This all near a brook, which depicts that there is life at the other end of our existence, away from all pressure and stress.