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How it all started...


Dragon Fly

One of a series of five paintings. Follow the ‘Fantasy Series’ link to view them all.


In my early years I would come home from school with above-average drawings; one pen-drawing even won me 5 Guilders, which was quite a lot in those days, we’re talking the early 1970’s. Unfortunately I’ve ‘hidden’ the drawing too well, I would have shared it gladly.


Somewhere in  my teens my Father took me to a Belgian Artist called Fons. He was, appropriately called ’Master’.  I’ve enjoyed his lectures for many years. He taught me how to ‘view’, but more important how to ’see’. The most important thing he taught me was ’to play with colours’. Way after I’d already left school, and was working full-time, I still visited him on a daily basis.


For a couple of years, I was privileged to experience ‘owning’ an art studio, above a textile store, situated at one of the market squares in Bergen op Zoom, my home town. I was allowed to use it till the owner had found another destination for the premises. Nowadays I have to settle for the space left between the sofa and the dining table, with a side table aside me for the paint etc ... Understand that my home isn’t really minimalist… Nevertheless I’m satisfied till a better opportunity arises..


With the birth of my daughter, a short while after a car-crash I was involved in, my passion for painting and drawing was banned to a lower priority, if not banned completely. For 18 years I couldn’t find the time, nor was there any inspiration to draw, or paint.


Until about two years ago, November 2007 to be more precise, I fell ill and was home-bound due to an operation. Being in the house, with nothing to do, every painting related feeling, which had been stored away in the dark parts of my brain, came bubbling back to the surface, I re-discovered ’Playing with Colours and Brushes’, it felt like I had to learn it all again, from scratch. It appeared to still all be very alive, more intense now, and more forcefully wanting to get out and command my hands. Most people around me whom I told of my re-born desire to paint and draw, encouraged me enthusiastically. You can view the results of this all here, on these pages. The new works but also the older pieces.


I’ve been lucky enough to pass on my artistic skills to my beautiful daughter, Willeke, who, in her own way is able to create little pieces of art from whichever she lays her hands on. Maybe, one day, I’ll convince her to put them on show here, too..


Apart from the painting and drawing, I can, nowadays, even find time for my second passion; writing short stories, they can be found in the Dutch section. Knowing that I’ll never be a Stephen King, I  do believe that they are worth sharing. Unfortunately they haven’t been translated, and might not be at all as I’m unsure whether the actual meaning of the ’anecdotal’ stories would come out in their full right.


I hope you enjoy reading/viewing my pieces as much as I enjoyed writing/painting them.





Personal Details:


Name: Julia Cornelia Elisabeth Matthijs,

D.o.B.: 08 September 1958

Where: Bergen op Zoom, Noord Brabant, NL

Lives: in an Appartment with a view of virtually half the Province.

Hobbies: Painting, Writing, Laughing

E-mail: Juliette26@Live.nl